Goodbye Okliehomie… Thanks for the poop.. I mean memories…

Yes.. I know I spelled Oklahoma wrong but I can’t help but call it Okliehomie because that’s what my 4 year old calls it and well that is just to darn cute ;) You will see why Oklahoma decided to gift me some poop later in the post. I decided to get one more workout in before we left Oklahoma and this time I combined my run workout that my running Coach, Von the awesome, prescribed for me. That is really his name. It’s even on his driver’s license :) This was my workout for today:
4x1200M repeats
4 min rest

6 rounds of
10 air squats
10 pushups
10 situps

So for my workout, I had a very convenient track right behind my Mother In Law’s house that I could walk too. I thought “Hey how great a track!” I got my water, my watch, and sunscreen because those are the three essentials to running, for me. I got to the “track” and it ended up being gravel that was not at all level.. the last 100 M were uphill. I figured I was already there so I would go ahead and see the distance of the track with my warmup. The weather was so nice because it was cloudy and windy. Perfect weather for a run. The track ended up being 400M so it was perfect for my repeats other than that it was gravel.. which I will talk about later… I started my repeats and it was like satan himself decided to say “Hmm… Amanda is running so we will turn on the furnace” and out came the sun… dried up all the rain… and turned into a 1000 degree oven. Even the wind decided that it no longer wanted to be my friend. My repeats averaged about a 6:35 which I was happy about but I was sweating buckets. My 4 minute rests were spent trying to get underneath the one tree that had shade under it.. and when I mean shade I mean less baking of the sun but no real, actual, cooling shade. My water felt like sweet nectar of the Gods and was gone at about repeat 3. Also, because anyone who has run on gravel knows that it is like a ninja and no matter what when you least expect it.. it attacks you in your shoe. I was moving along thinking I was superwoman when BAM the ninja gravel impaled my poor left foot. At the end of the repeat I took off my shoe expecting to find the biggest rock ever with sharp spikes all over it but it was almost to small to see as it fell out of my shoe. I finished the remaining repeats with a slight limp.. I am a drama queen.. so sue me… and got ready to do the WOD. I was going to do the Road WOD at the track but I decided that I would rather go get more water and complete the WOD in my mother in laws backyard. Little did I know that was the dumbest decision I made that day.

After guzzling about a gallon of water I was off to complete the WOD. It didn’t seem to terrible on paper… but after 1200M repeats probably was not the best idea. Now, as a side note, my mother in law has dogs that “do their business” in the backyard but they are really good about keeping it poop free. So, you can imagine my surprise when I laid down for my first set of situps and squished something into the middle of my back. I almost dared to not move as I thought well if I don’t acknowledge that I have dog crap on my back then it never happened. This totally has to stay between me and you so don’t go telling folks that I laid down in poop. It’s really not how I want people to know me. I finally mustered up enough courage to sit up and I could feel the yuckiness and smell the pungent smell of crap. I didn’t want to go in the house because I knew I wouldn’t come back out so I did what any self-respecting Crossfitter with dog crap on their back would do. I took off my shirt.. rubbed my back with one of the parts that was dog crap free… found a crap free zone… and started my WOD. I finished all sets in 6:32 seconds. I have never been happier to finish a workout. I have filed this one under craptastic.. hehe… see what I did there ;)
I’ll see you next time for a WOD back in good ole Memphis.

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