Got beat by a Race Car driver

I am back in good Ole Memphis and I am so happy to be back at my Box. I can’t believe how much I missed everyone in just one week. My muscles definitely missed the torture.. I mean workouts. I felt like a giddy school girl on the first day of school.. ” Will anyone even notice that I wasn’t there for a week?” “Have I lost all my strength and have to start over??” Remember, I am a bit of a drama queen so I wear my emotions on my shoulder. I got to Crossfit and started talking with one of my Partner’s in Crime. This lady is a kick butt individual. She is an inspiration and has come a long way in just a couple months.. I don’t think she will mind me telling you that she is 51 years old. I only hope that I can be as much of a beast when I am her age. As Diane and I were talking, I saw this tiny, itty bitty, lady walk past us and I just glanced at her face. I thought that she looked familiar but it had to be from the running scene.. we are all friends when we are running :) I saw her walk past again and this time got a better look at her face and thought “Woah.. this chick looks like Danica Patrick.. how cool.. Wonder if anyone has ever told her that.” I didn’t really think it WAS Danica Patrick.. just some lucky lady who looked like her. Finally, Diane, who is never at a loss for words, says to me and Dana, another very kick butt Crossfitter, “who in the heck is that chickie with the perfect legs over there in the pink.” I chuckled because indeed she did have perfect legs and Dana said ” you don’t know who that is?! That is Danica Patrick!” I guess I looked extra surprised because Dana started cracking up. Why in the world would she be at the OB box? I mean how does she even know that Olive Branch even exists haha. So, my first workout back turned into one of the coolest workouts ever.

15 wallmalls 16 lbs RX- Which I did not get. I used 12
Run 200m

Our warm up was a blur because all I remember was John talking about how to do a strict pull up when Danica walks over to the bar and just starts doing kipping pullups and not even breaking a sweat. I think at that point my respect for a nascar driver who “only drives” grew about 1000% percent. By the time we got to the WOD, she had made an impression on the Box for sure and was definitely a beast!

We started the WOD and like I said I used the 12 lb wall ball. I just have to say.. I hate wall balls. I am not particularly coordinated with my hands.. hence the reason I played soccer and I run.. so I cannot for the life of me catch a ball while squatting and come back up in a fluid movement. My wallballs look more like a two year old trying to shoot a basket with a ball that is the size of her body. Its not pretty. I hit my face many times and by about the 3rd round I have to drop the ball each time so I don’t get a concussion from all the blunt force trauma to my face.
The run is always a nice thing for me to see on the board as that is my comfort zone. Especially 200M runs.. cause those are super short and I can blast right through them. However, there was no blasting involved today.. I was as slow as molasses in January. I felt like my legs did not want to communicate with my brain as my brain was telling my legs to hurry the hell up LOL. To make matters worse, Danica had already completed two rounds by the time I got done with one! I think she lapped all of us.
I ended the WOD with 5 + 3… Danica…7. But, even though I was lapped and felt like a slug while running I felt so good afterwards. How many people can say they got beat by a Race Car driver? I am getting stronger even if I don’t feel like that today. Tomorrow is yet another day! I cannot wait!

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