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Hmm…About me? I don’t have a big inspirational story that will change people’s lives after they read my blog. I’m not even that witty but my Crossfit/Running coach told me that blogging my daily victories and struggles will help me keep my eye on the prize. So, here I am. I am a mommy of three awesome little boys.. yes.. boys. Go ahead and get the obligatory “Oh my gosh you poor thing” out of the way. For the record, I don’t feel like that but it seems as though that reaction never fails. I am married to a particularly kick butt guy named Chris who has recently joined me in all things Crossfit and Running.

Growing up I played soccer. I did the daily conditioning that was involved with soccer and thought I was in tip top shape. I played through high school and made it on to the ODP team in my area. However, once I graduated Soccer was no longer the forefront of my attention and I started college. To make a long story short, I got married right outta high school and worked full time through my entire stint in college. I didn’t have the typical college experience I guess you could say. So, I worked a lot and received two degrees in 4 years. Needless to say, I was young and dumb and didn’t care much for fitness anymore. I ate like crap when I ate at all. I drank sodas like they were going out of style. I didn’t look unhealthy but man I sure felt it. I had constant migraines, no energy, and I was unhappy a lot of the time.

After graduating from College, I became pregnant with my oldest child. I will spare you a ton of details but evidently my body is not made for pregnancy because I was on bedrest with not one… not two.. but all three of my babies. So, at 7 weeks pregnant I found myself on a couch every day. Mentally I was toast. Physically I was two French fries away from a heart attack. After my son was born, I was an unhappy, self-conscious, struggling mama. My then husband got a job in Memphis and I moved away from all that I knew and ended up with all those lovely emotions with a dash of isolation.. with a brand new baby. I was a train wreck waiting to happen and more importantly I was not the mommy that I wanted to be. My son was young but I wanted him to see a strong mommy that was positive and gave of light not dark.

When my son was two, I got divorced. I think that was the hardest thing I have ever gone through. I was on my own literally for the first time in my life and I was happy and petrified all at the same time. I didn’t know how to balance a check book.. or how to pay bills. It was eye opening. But, for the first time in a really long time I felt this small sense of accomplishment. I started watching what I was eating.. mainly because I was poor and couldn’t afford fast food and junk food… and started to build my life how I wanted to see it. I started running… not anything serious. Just from my apartment building to the next building. I gained self-esteem that I had never had before. I could feel myself becoming the person I always wanted to be .

I moved soon after to my very own house and started running around my neighborhood. I remember the first time I said I would run a mile and it should have been easy… well it wasn’t at all. But I didn’t stop! During this time something amazing happened I met my husband. He was the first guy to see the independent, strong woman I always wanted to be. I think I even scared him a little ;) We got married a couple years later and along came baby number 2! I was again on bed rest and gained a good bit of weight. I swore though that this time I would not let it define me or my happiness. As soon as I was cleared, I started running again and this time I made a goal for myself so that I wouldn’t stop my progress. I signed up for the St. Jude Half Marathon and begged my awesome daddy to run it with me. I found an online half marathon training and started on my journey. A couple weeks into my training I decided to sign up for my very first race… A 10K… now I think maybe by now you can tell that I don’t just tip toe into things… hence signing up for a half marathon with little to no long distance running experience. So, I headed to my first 10K.. I had no clue what to expect.. I didn’t know what do to with those weird bib things and where do I pin this thing??? I remember shaking as I got back to my car. What the heck was I thinking??? I made myself get back out of my car by telling myself that I will just walk it.. forget running this thing.. I am just going to walk. To make matters even crazier my MP3 player went dead… so I had no music. None. The only thing I could hear was my very labored breathing and the slapping of my tired feet on the road. But, you will never guess what happened? I ran that darn 10K and I got 3rd place in my age group! I was officially hooked and never looked back.

Now, I have ran to many half marathons to count, 2 full marathons, and 5 Triathlons. Even better my husband has joined me on my journey and we are a true fit family. My two oldest are already biking and running and did a local kids Triathlon. My hope is to inspire my babies to keep charging on. To show them that their mama is a fierce warrior who does not give up and to instill in them that we must never give up no matter the struggle.

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